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Hi, are you searching for GB Whatsapp 2020 so you come on the right place here you can Freeley Download New version WhatsApp?

Whatsapp 2020 is the Fastest more feature and a convenient version for others google Play store Whatsapp which are available on the internet. GBMod company name which is compatible with all the handheld devices (Android).

GB Whatsapp 2020 APK Version

Before Explain anything let’s Try to understand what is GB Whatsapp and Whatsapp is Advantage and Dis-advantage of GB WhatsApp.

It is actually is MOD is modified/customized versions of Whstappp apps Which user can find more Feature more user-friendly and more function rather than in the original Whatsapp application which users find on Playstore.

Advantage of GB WhatsApp

  • You can Translate any Kind of Text to any language.
  • You can send Fancy Text without a third party application.
  • You can Download Your friend status.
  • You can make face text
  • and more fun with this.

Dis-advantage of GB-WhatsApp

  • Your Privacy will be leaked
  • Your data are not Fully safe.
  • your WhatsApp will be Permintilly Disable.
  • GB Whatsapp is not fully safe.

Features of WhatsApp 2020

  • Send videos with size up to 50MB.
  • Create names for WhatsApp groups with up to 35 characters.
  • Easily translate messages to the language of your choice.
  • Support for over 100 languages.
  • Create customized chats.
  • Find messages that are revoked.
  • Unique emojis can be customized as well.
  • WhatsApp stories will be displayed in the list form.
  • Customize the look of your WhatsApp Messenger app menu and messages with colors of your choice.
  • Hide “is typing” notification.

Download WhatsApp 2020

App NameGB WhatsApp
File TypeAPK
Supported DevicesAndroid v4.4+
Last Updated on9 Hours Ago


Information About Whatsapp

Being senior citizens, they do not lack time. She does it from Good Morning to Good Night in the morning via WhatsApp to her friends. What activity is going on in the house, which guest came, who said what? They have started putting all these things in their respective groups. They have formed a separate group for the people of the locality, separate for the old office colleagues and separate for the family.

He says that this is the easiest app that he uses on his smartphone. My friend’s mother now sends emojis on WhatsApp as a youth, solving puzzles, and blossoms after watching comedy-filled satirical videos from WhatsApp when she is alone. Ever since they got this app, they stopped having complaints of being alone or bored.

A total of 200 million people in India use WhatsApp. WhatsApp groups can have a limited number of members, but still, it is a very good platform to stay active in your group. Crores of people use twitter to exchange messages in India, YouTube for video sharing, Facebook for views and Instagram for photos, but people still find WhatsApp more than Facebook Messenger it’s easy.

Normal domestic women have also downloaded WhatsApp on their mobiles and have formed their own groups. This has become a new way to gossip. Many people feel that Facebook is a bit complicated and not everyone has a message to say to such a large group.


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